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Greg & Chippy's favourite part about sharing Mapunga with you is taking you out to the unexplored Kafue National park on a game drive or letting you experience the vast untouched park. Mapunga also offers day trips  to the remarkable Busanga plains. At Mapunga you get the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds.



Explore the Kafue on a 3-hour morning or evening game drive. Mornings and evenings are the peak times to see Kafue wildlife on the move.

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Discover the Busanga plains on a 12-14 hour day trip. The Busanga plains is an absolute must-see if you are visiting us at Mapunga Bush Camp.

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Enjoy boat cruises while the sun paints the sky at sunrise or sunset. The Kafue really does show off for you.

Mapunga Fishing


Mapunga offers guests the option to hire a boat and either self drive or hire a driver. We allow guests to supply their own fuel.

Mapunga also offers fishing expeditions but this activity is available only on request. Mapunga is in a prime fishing location.

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